Christmas Cards

The Pear Tree

Soft and sweet - pears or your holiday figure?

About the fruit, "Gifts of the Gods," wrote Homer.

So stress less about your pudding plumped derriere

You heavenly muse, curved like a pear.


Strung Cauliflower 

Let's do away with GMO popped buttered corn

And string cauliflower for the tree to be adorn.

You'll be a dear supporter for your brassica farmer

And you'll become all the vegan's here charmer.


Pomegranate Wreath

Still Christmas gift hunting for your frigid lover?

Pearls, a pony, perhaps a book of poems hardcover?

Consider a wreath bejeweled with pomegranate seed

Folklore claims the fruit makes one prosper, fertile, and happy to do the deed.